White Cedar Overview

Eastern/northern white cedar (Thuja occidentalis) grows in many of Maine’s wet lands around the edges of water bodies, along brooks and streams, and in low lying places where water tends to pool or collect forming what is commonly called a cedar swamp. The rich, deep, dark soil found in these areas contributes to the growth and regeneration of this thriving species that covers much of Maine’s wooded acreage. For over a hundred years this unique species has been the choice of many who are looking for beauty, durability, longevity, moisture resistance, and a great natural cent.

Our White Cedar Products

The quality and consistency of the products we produce depend largely on the skills and training of our employees. Cedar is a difficult species to work with that cannot be totally processed by automated equipment. It requires many hands on employees to examine, grade and process each piece depending on its own unique qualities or defects. We take great care to provide all our customers with a consistent, well packaged, good quality product. The beautiful natural golden look and moisture resistant quality of white cedar makes it a choice by many for a wide range of indoor and outdoor uses. Cedar can be left untreated if a natural weathered look is desired over time. It can also be stained to preserve the color and protect it against the UV rays of the sun. Whatever the desire, cedar typically becomes a favorite by many. There are so many uses for eastern white cedar that it can be observed at almost any place, as a fence, furniture, trim, log homes, siding, play sets, canoes, decks and a whole lot more. We hope you make it your choice. . .